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The European trade mark protection
The Trade mark in Europe gets cheaper. The European Commission has decided to lower the fees payable to the Community agency responsible for granting EU-wide trademark rights, OHIM (Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market, located in Alicante, Spain). This measure will make intellectual property protection cheaper for businesses operating in the EU single market, saving them between €37 and €40 million a year. The reductions include: *a lowering of the Community trade mark (CTM) application fee from € 975 to € 900; *a lowering of the CTM registration fee from € 1100 to € 850; *a lowering of the fee for renewing the registration of a CTM from € 2500 to € 1500. Even greater reductions (special discount of €150) are available to those who file their applications or renewal requests via the Internet using OHIM’s state-of-the-art e-filing technology. The fee reduction will enter into force before 1 November 2005. This will allow the companies who filed their Community trade mark applications in 1996 to renew their registration for a further period of ten years already at the reduced cost. During discussions on the fee reduction questions were raised about the relationship between OHIM and national trademark offices. As a consequence, discussions are still ongoing between OHIM and those offices on the structure of that relationship with regard to the Community trademark system. Reference: Extract from IP /05/1289 – date 17/10/2005 17 octobre 2005
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