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Commission opens public consultation
A public consultation on ways to stimulate the growth of a true EU single market for online digital content, such as films, music and games, was launched by the European Commission on 28 July 2006. The Commission intends to encourage the development of innovative business models and to promote the cross-border delivery of diverse online content services. It is also keen to ascertain how European technologies and devices can be successful in the creative online content markets. Input to this consultation will help shape a Commission Communication on Content Online, due to be adopted at the end of the year. The deadline for replies is 13 October 2006. The creation of an open and competitive single market for online content is one of the key aims of the EU’s i2010 initiative – a European Information Society for growth and jobs, started by the Commission on 1 June 2005. In July 2005, industry leaders from the ICT and media sector had agreed to work with the Commission on an “Agenda for Unlocking Europe’s Digital Economy”, in which the promotion of media content markets through effective rights protection, licensing arrangements and encouraging legitimate use of content was given priority. A first concrete example of how challenges for Europe’s online content industry can be tackled is the European Charter for the Development and the Take-up of Film Online, initiated in May 2005 by Commissioner Reding and endorsed by film makers and business leaders on 23 May 2006, at the Europe Day of the 59th Cannes Film Festival. This content online consultation also aims to identify stakeholder views on self-regulatory initiatives such as the Film Online Charter, to assess whether the initiative could be used as a model for similar initiatives in other online content sectors, and to evaluate whether regulatory measures at EU level are required to ensure the completion of a true EU market for online content without borders. The deadline for replies to the content online consultation – which is open to industry, in particular content and internet service providers, consumer organisations, in particular from the “Internet community”, regulators and all interested parties – is 13 October 2006. Further information on the public consultation and the consultation document can be found at: Source : IP/06/1071, Making Europe's online content market more competitive: Commission opens public consultation
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