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2017-12-18 - Online cross-border TV and radio broadcasts: The Council limits the origin principle to the works that are financed and controlled by the broadcasting organisation.

The Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) agreed on the Council\'s position on a proposal to facilitate digital transmissions and retransmissions of TV and radio programmes in the internal market. This position serves as a mandate for the Council to enter into negotiations with the European Parliament in 2018.

The proposal aims at providing wider dissemination of TV and radio programmes originating in other EU member states for the benefit of users by facilitating licensing of material protected by copyright contained in broadcasts of such programmes. The Councel’s aim with this regulation is to guarantee to Europeans wide access to contents online across the EU. It wants to make easier for broadcaters to clear the necessary rights in oder to increase audiovisual offer. The proposal facilitates the rights\' clearance for broadcasters for the transmission of their programmes across borders through the principle of country of origin whereby the broadcasting organisations need to clear the relevant rights only in their member state of establishment.

The Council\'s mandate reduces the scope of application of the \"country of origin\" principle as compared to the Commission proposal. The Council position excludes all sports events, both for radio and TV programmes. As regards TV programmes, it excludes all works and other subject matter co-produced by the broadcasting organisation with third parties as well as all content licensed to broadcasting organisations by third parties. This means that the application of the country of origin principle for TV programmes is limited to works that are financed and controlled by the broadcasting organisation.

Interinstitutional negotiations will start in early 2018.

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